Why A Water Softener Makes A Wonderful Gift For Your Home!

Why A Water Softener Makes A Wonderful Gift For Your Home

Water is a substance we use every single day, and we hardly ever think about it. Your sink, your washing machine, your shower, are appliances you use every day, but did you know that the water you use, could actually be eroding your plumbing, and costing you a fortune in the long run. When water is in the ground it soaks up some materials (such as calcium and magnesium), and carries those materials into your home, and through your pipes. In order to correct this, we introduce the water softener.

What is a Water Softener?

According to Unified Water, water softeners work by a process known as “ion exchange,” which is what we are doing to get rid of these harsher materials. Using small polystyrene beads in a separation tank, the water is flushed of calcium and magnesium, both of which carry a positive charge. The beads themselves carry a negative charge, and so these materials actually stick to the beads and are not carried into the water. The water is then pushed back into your plumbing systems.

Water softeners have been around for about a half a decade now, with they’re use being mainly within Europe, however it seems the secret that’s not so secret is finally out. America, England, and Canada have recently started to trend more and more toward soft water systems for their everyday needs. With this new innovation in hydrodynamics there seems to be new uses and values to these water softeners every other day.

Why It’s a Great Gift for Any Home

Any water softener makes a wonderful gift for any home, first and foremost because they can save you a ridiculous amount of time, money, and energy. By installing a water softener at home you can actually help keep your pipes and plumbing from going bad as quickly, while also wasting less water anytime you turn on a faucet or use your water systems.

Water softeners work by removing larger and harsher materials from your water, to make the water “softer.” These harsh materials break apart your plumbing, albeit slowly, however this could be the difference between pipes that last 10 years, and 25 years. In the long run, it will cost you thousands of dollars less in replacement and labor. While the cost of these appliances are around 1-3 grand, it pays for itself in only a couple years.

Energy use is another huge benefit of having a water softener in your home. Not only does the softener use less energy than most other appliances, it can also help use less energy to heat your water; saving your hundreds of dollars a year on your power bill. Because the water is devoid of those harsher materials in your water, it actually takes less time (I.E. less energy), to heat the water. So anytime you’re doing dishes, or taking a shower, you’re actually saving money and energy.

However you’re plumbing and power bill isn’t the only thing in your house that will thank you for a water softener. Your skin will as well. Studies have shown that “hard” water can actually dry out your skin and hair, making it look worse over the course of a couple of years. By installing a water softener, you can alleviate a lot a pressure on your skin and hair, saving you even more money on moisturizers and face creams.

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